Useful Links & Resources

Australian Professional Bodies our staff are members of: – Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists – Australian Medical Association – Orthoptics Australia – Australian Orthoptic Board

Our doctors have admitting rights at the following hospitals: – Westmead Private – Children’s Hospital at Westmead – Bankstown Hospital – Macquarie University Hospital - Campbelltown Hospital – Liverpool Hospital

If your child has a vision impairment: – Royal Institute for Deaf and Blind Children – Vision Australia (previously known as the Royal Blind Society)

Patching Websites:

Patches are available from the following Australian websites – stick on (skin) patches – cloth patches (slide on glasses) – cloth/slide on patches – cloth/slide on patches – cloth and stick on patches

The following US companies will ship patches to Australia: (both adhesive and cloth) (adhesive/skin) (cloth)

Useful Websites for Patching: – fun activities to do whilst wearing a patch, reward charts, as well as selling and shipping cloth patches - amblyopia explained, hints for patching compliance, eyepatch club for children and forums for parents – games with an eye safety theme

Useful Information About Learning Difficulties and Vision - Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists Media Release and Position Statement on Irlen Lenses – ABC Pocast on Irlen Lenses