We are a team of medical specialists who diagnose and treat children’s eye problems. Our patients range from newborn to 18yo. We partner with parents to help their child achieve the best possible visual outcome.

Our Team

Our team comprises of paediatric ophthalmologists (medical doctors specialising in eye and vision conditions) and orthoptists (professionals who are trained to diagnose and treat people with vision and eye movement disorders).

Treatment plans are evidence based and follow best practice. Our team also participates in regular continuing education to keep up-to-date with emerging treatments and diagnostic techniques.


Is my child too young to visit an eye specialist?

Often parents are worried about their child’s vision or eye function but think their child is too young to visit an eye specialist. Parents with non-verbal children can also be concerned about whether an eye assessment is possible.

At the Children’s Eye Centre, our staff are very experienced and have many different techniques to test visual function. We adapt the exam to suit your child’s participation level. Early diagnosis and treatment provides better outcomes so if you are worried about your child’s eye function or sight, make an appointment to see one of our specialist paediatric ophthalmologists.


How do you diagnose vision issues in young children & babies?

We tailor the examination to the age and developmental stage of your child, as well as their level of cooperation, and use a variety of different ways to assess vision.

Different strategies include picture boards, shapes and letters, preferential looking techniques and observing visual behaviour. We use brightly coloured toys, targets and lights to gain their attention and we make the examination as child friendly as possible.

To make an appointment to see one of our specialists, call 02 9896 4577 or visit our Booking Page by clicking the button below.

What happens at the first appointment?

Your child’s first appointment with us is very thorough and will take approximately 2 hours. It begins with taking their medical history and understanding the concerns you have about your child’s vision. Then we conduct some tests. These include:

Assessing how well your child can see black writing (or shapes) on a white background. This is called visual acuity.

Looking at your child’s eye alignment to identify if there is an eye turn.

Checking your child’s eye movements and the ability of their eyes to work together.

Observing the surrounding structures like lashes and eyelids.

Instilling eye drops to dilate the pupils so we can examine inside your child’s eyes to ensure they are healthy. This also allows us to put lenses in front of the eyes to assess whether there is a focusing issue that requires glasses.

Depending on your child’s symptoms and our diagnosis at this first appointment, further tests may be required. But we’ll discuss this with you if we feel it is advisable.

For more information on what to expect at your child’s first appointment, visit our Parent Information page.

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To make an appointment to see one of our specialists, call 02 9896 4577 or visit our Booking Page.