We want you to feel confident and comfortable about your child’s first appointment at the Children’s Eye Centre. Here are 4 things you’ll want to know.

Please bring a referral

You will need to provide us with a referral from your Doctor or Optometrist. While it may seem annoying, it means we can send a report to your doctor or optometrist on your child’s eye assessment so they have a full record of your child’s eye health and visual development. It also allows you to claim a Medicare rebate for the appointment.

Please allow 2 hours for your first appointment

The first appointment will take approx. 2 hours which we understand can feel like a long time for a young child. That’s why we have ABC 4 Kids playing in the waiting room and a baby change table in the bathroom. One of the reasons the first appointment takes so long is because we thoroughly test and check your child’s eye function and vision and this includes putting dilating eye drops in which take some time to work. We also allow plenty of time to ensure we have a relaxed approach that won’t stress your child.

Eyedrops will be used to dilate your child’s eyes

In order to examine the internal structure and function of your child’s eyes, we will use eyedrops to relax the focus muscle. On application, these drops may sting a little. The sensation will feel a little like accidentally getting shampoo in your eye or swimming in chlorine without goggles. After the examination, your child’s eyes will be sensitive to light and if they are school aged, it’s probably best they don’t return to school or attempt homework, as their vision may be temporarily affected by the drops.

Follow up appointments and assessments may be required

Depending on the diagnosis and treatment plan, we may require you and your child to return to our clinic for follow-up appointments and assessments. These will vary in length and we will advise you on what to expect when you make your next appointment.

About Our Clinic

For your convenience, we offer off-street parking. Simply drive down our driveway and enter our practice via the back door.

We provide access ramps for prams and wheelchairs.

We are located at 73 Darcy Road, Wentworthville NSW. This is a short walk from Wentworthville train station. There are also nearby bus stops on Darcy Road.

Make a Booking

To make an appointment to see one of our specialists, call 02 9896 4577 or visit our Booking Page.